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Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper Download

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Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper

A cynical maniac is running rampant on Pawtuxet Island! With more and more citizens turning up missing or dead, the islands mysteries are only beginning to be revealed! Investigate the crazy happenings on the island, play awesome hidden object sequences, and solve challenging puzzles that are around every corner! Solve the mystery today in Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper!

The island was once a very peaceful, serene place. Now it has a very eerie chill in the air, and even the air that fills your lungs feels sinister. The people in the town are dying off, and their ghosts linger about seeking rest. As you investigate the strange happenings, you will discover what you thought was the truth is nothing more than a fa├žade. You better hold on! The story is full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat! Delve into this frightening mystery and save the people of Pawtuxet Island!


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