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Grimville: The Gift of Darkness Download

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Grimville: The Gift of Darkness

When news of a brutal murder in Grimville reaches the mysterious Secret Society they lend an investigator to look into the matter. The strongman from the circus had been slain by what most were saying was a werewolf, and the mayor and his daughter had been kidnapped at the same time! Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and investigate all leads to uncover the truth! Save the town in Grimville: The Gift of Darkness!

Interact with all the colorful characters, and help them with their various problems. While you try and solve the murder and kidnap cases, you will have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of puzzles and challenges. As you go about your investigation, the ultimate choice will arise. Will you choose a path of evil or one of goodness and virtue? Your decisions will sculpt the game and lead to two very different outcomes. You have Grimville’s destiny in your hands….what will you do with this power?


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