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Call of Ages. Collector's Edition Download

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Call of Ages. Collector’s Edition

The most important relic in the world has been destroyed! The Calendar of Ages is the one thing that kept the world running, and it is now in pieces. Travel through time and play some awesome match-three gameplay in different historical eras. Find the lost and broken artifacts as you move through the different stages, ultimately restoring everything to normal and saving the world! Be a hero today in Call of the Ages Collector’s Edition!

Enjoy playing through over 90 unique levels spanning eight different countries and multiple time periods. Jump from one era to the next retrieving powerful historical artifacts that have been destroyed and scattered to the winds. Grab tons of achievements, activate the challenge mode, and enjoy the extra features of the Collector’s Edition (60 bonus levels, beautiful wallpapers, and original soundtrack)! Get ready for a blast from the past…match-three style!


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