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Snow Globe: Farm World Download

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Snow Globe: Farm World

When two newlyweds move into their new home, they discover a strange snow globe in the attic. Upon shaking the beautiful globe they are transported to entirely new worlds! The only problem…they are separated! The only way to reunite the couple is to help the farmers do their chores and collect crystals. When you have collected enough you can use them to open a portal to move between worlds. Time to get to work in Snow Globe: Farm World!

The game is chock full of exciting levels, and the story is juicy enough to keep you hooked until the end. The unique and magical world is truly a sight to behold! You will help around many different farms, from raising animals to making mayonnaise and other products. Sell your goods to the market, make the farmers happy, and get your crystals to move through the portal! Challenges appear around every corner of every planet, so be prepared for anything!


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