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Joining Hands

The Peablins have entered the Whispering Woods, but they know what lurks inside! The bogeyman waits around every corner, and will surely snatch them up if they aren’t careful! They have an answer to this worrisome problem… hold hands! Chain them together and keep them safe on their journeys! The puzzles can be tricky, but the rewards are great! Lend a helping hand today in Joining Hands!

Hop right in and enjoy truly innovative gameplay that is easy to play from the very beginning. Play through tons of levels of varying difficulty. The family of Peablins all have special abilities that add another fascinating wrinkle to the addictive gameplay. Holding hands is a age long practice of the Peablins… the bogeyman has been held at bay, so it must be true! Jump in the forest and keep them safe today!


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