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Nether Star II

Do you familiar with arcade space shooters? Yes? The Nether Star II is a worthy representative of their family. No? Then you should surely try it. This game is engrossing, but not addictive. You always can start new game from the any achieved level, play for the few minutes on the break and safely continue to take care of your affairs.

Hordes of enemy’s spaceships move to capture the Earth. But we don’t have such huge fleet capable to defend the Earth from their invasion. We have only one spaceship, designed for contacts with outside civilizations. The government installed the most modern weapons on it. Best of the best pilots led this spaceship to meet the enemy. Your goal is to hold back invaders and give time the Earth to get ready.

Nether Star is a heavy-duty spaceship, cutting through the enemies like as the paper. Flying through the mazes of the minefields you should select – to slink by narrow corridors like a mouse or to hew one’s way by the missiles. Beware tankers, their explosion can hurt you. Catch the force-field and boldly ram it.

Nether Star II is 10 huge levels, 5 bosses, 1 Super boss!

No human violence. Absolutely Free! Just install and play.


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  1. rfantasy: 09.06.2013 at 03:35

    Nether Star II – a fantastic game. I never think of a game developed by my colleagues. It is really impressive. I love in it!!

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